Located in Munich, Germany Aesir Interactive offers a fun, focused and casual atmosphere while developing several different games, VR and AR projects for PC, Xbox One, Playstation4 and Switch at once. At Aesir, we believe in people and our team and want to advance your skills and knowledge together with us. As an Animation Artist you bring the motion into our games. You are a full stack animator, with good knowledge about rigging and keyframed animations for characters and various different assets. Your cinematographic skills help you realize fluid movements and bring life into the whole application. Motion capture is also a reliable tool for you to create high quality animations, since you always want to be on top of industry proven workflows.


  • Create key frame animations for simple and complex assets.
  •  Work with motion capture data to implement locomotion sets, gameplay animations and cutscenes.
  •  Plan and operate your own motion capture sessions on site.
  • Be responsible for animation setups for projects and create asset lists for them.
  • Collaborate with the team on implementing animations within the game engine. (UE4 and/or Unity)
  • Create simple sequences/animations in game engine to script events and cutscenes.
  • Create simple and complex rigs for characters and all sorts of assets.
  • Handle outsourcing and/or collaborations with external studios.
  • Maintain and improve efficient animation pipelines for projects.
  • Work on awesome titles for various platforms.
  • Work with a competent, passionate team of devs.


You have:
  • the ability to create fluid, smooth, realistic animations with specific demonstration of animation fundamentals.
  • a great artistic skill set, extensive knowledge of cinematography, motion language, movement and composition and carry a clear understanding about the essence of an art-style.
  • a good idea about animation aesthetics in context of interaction and user feedback.
  • great knowledge with Maya/Motionbuilder and are familiar in 3D modeling software.
  • skills to create efficient and high-quality rigs.
  • experience in working with IK setups for quality implementations.
  • a basic understanding about game engines, how animations work in them and how they should be set up and optimized.
  • the ability to plan pipelines, prepare solid documentations and properly communicate them to your team.
You are:
  • self-motivated, self-directed, reliable and initiative.
  • experienced with efficient workflows, tools & development processes and the full stack of animation creation from planning up to the final product.
  • eager to learn/research multiple new tools and come up with creative solutions.
  • able to gather, analyze, and act on feedback from the team, openness to critique.
  • confident with English communication, both verbally and in writing.
  • happy to work in our team in Munich (Germany).


  • Knowledge about game engines and how to utilize them to achieve the intended visuals and work with the systems to create an optimized result.
  • Knowledge in C++ and/or C# to create or help creating tools.
  • Knowledge of project management (agile, scrum).
  • Experience with versioning systems like Perforce or GIT.
  • Motivation to learn German.


  • A great motivated, passionate and ambitious team (35 people in Munich).
  • A modern and unique office located 5 minutes from the central station.
  • Library with books, movies, series and of course games.
  • A weekly fresh Bio – Fruit Basket, free drinks, coffee and tea.
  • Relocation support, your own fitting office chair; package service and train ticket and food subsidy.
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Rate your own level of expertise on a scale of 1 (no knowledge) to 5 (expert) with the following areas:
3D Art & Animation
2D Art
Tech Art

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