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Wolpertinger Games

Wolpertinger Games is a team of award-winning, independent game designers and developers. The company was founded in 2010 by Sebastian Bender and remote control productions GmbH. We are always looking for interns and working students interested in supporting our team, eager to acquire professional working experience or seeking cross-entry into the games industry:

We’re offering:

  • Working Student Jobs (20 hrs/week)
  • Compulsory Full-Time Internships for Students
  • Voluntary Internships for 3 or more months

We’re particularly looking for:

  • Programmers
    • with Unity, Unreal or HTML5 experience
    • who know C#, C++ or JavaScript and HTML/CSS
    • with strong maths, logic, systems, optimization, debugging and/or analytical skills
    • who did at least create a game, visualization or simulation once
  • Game Designers
    • with love for game systems and mechanics, user interfaces, game controls and game feel
    • who know the difference between design and taste
    • with strong communicative skills, analytical mind and confidence with logic and maths
    • who love working closely with technology, tools and developers instead of writing biblical design documents
    • who made at least one playable game – digitally or physically
  • Game Writers
    • with experience in interactive fiction or storytelling
    • who can create interesting characters and dialogue
    • who are very communicative and love working in a team
    • who are not afraid of working with a game engine or technical tools
    • with at least some examples of writing, storytelling or narrative design in any medium
  • Artists
    • with strong focus on 3D art, animation, visual effects or exceptional 2D skills
    • who love experimenting with style and artistic expression
    • who are not afraid of technology and creating efficient game art
    • with experience in any 3D tool, preferable Blender or Maya, and good knowledge of Photoshop
    • who know what non-destructive asset creation is
    • who love to see their art work in-game and not just on pictures
    • with a good portfolio of game art and/or very distinct style
  • Technical Artists
    • with a good sense for visual style and strong interest in the technology behind game art
    • who love de-constructing and re-assembling game art to achieve interesting styles
    • who understand that game art is meant to be believable, not realistic
    • with experience in shader development, game art asset creation and integration in game engines
    • who know that what you see in a game is not always obvious at first glance
    • who worked with a rendering pipeline before and/or can show a interesting demo
  • Producers and Project Managers
    • with good time and self-management and good communication skills
    • who love to work with a team and help them outperform
    • who understand their role as support, not boss
    • with experience with Microsoft office programs, particularly Excel, Word and Powerpoint
    • who optimally worked already with some task management tools, e.g. JIRA
    • who worked with a team at least once on a project and achieved a result


For any position, we require you to be fluent in written and spoken English. We’re looking forward to receiving applications from international Wolpertingers-to-be.

If you do not find your profile reflected in these positions, do not hesitate to apply anyways. Surprise us!

About Wolpertinger Games

Wolpertinger Games is a team of award-winning, independent game designers and developers. The company was founded in 2010 by Sebastian Bender and remote control productions GmbH. We believe that games are more than entertainment. They are interactive media with the unique power to create personal, emotional experiences and convey relevant and meaningful messages. Games are a ubiquitous phenomenon and transform the way we work, learn and live.

We, the Wolpertingers, are dedicated to make highly sophisticated, polished and fun games. Games that entertain you, teach you, train you, help you, heal you and eventually even change you. To do that, we follow some basic principles for success.

Technology is a tool. We don’t restrict ourselves to one engine or platform, we embrace them. Creativity requires inspiration, curiousness, open mindsets and the right working environment. We foster these conditions by encouraging, exploring and experimenting but also by challenging ourselves and existing ideas and concepts. We are professionals. We plan ahead, communicate, consult, manage our work, our partners and ourselves. Results are king. We understand the complex and iterative nature of making games. So we work agile, test-driven and with a mindful approach to player and customer feedback and happiness.

Becoming a Wolpertinger means joining a family. Wolpertingers take care for one another. Our team is made up of individual talents, skills and personalities – like a real Wolpertinger. Join these traits and get something unique, creative and magical – something bigger than the sum of its parts. Making games is our passion. Excellence is our quest. And a great working environment is the foundation.

To apply for this job email your details to jobs@wolpertingergames.com