Remote Control Productions GmbH

You are interested in working with Remote Control Productions but none of out current job offers fit you? Do not hesitate to send us your speculative application! 

What we need from you:

  • Please fill out the Personal Information section
  • A cover letter which clarifies what position you would like to adopt at Remote Control Productions
  • Your detailed CV

Your Requirements:

  • You should be passionate about games, whether they are computer, video, mobile, board, role-playing or otherwise
  • A self-directed and reliable working style
  • A highly motivated, flexible team worker
  • Good language skills in German or English

What we offer:

At Remote Control Productions you will join a team who is passionate about their family of studios and their products. We are driven by our desire to make ourselves and the teams we work with better in a continuous cycle of improvement. We believe in courage, we believe in learning and most of all we believe in making better games.


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