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Chimera Entertainment GmbH

We are searching for passionate Working Students (f/m) for our current big project. If you are familiar with one of the following areas don’t hesitate to apply for getting part of the Chimera family. 

Build system/DevOps:

  • optimizing for speed
  • metrics and reliability


  • writing tests
  • analyzing results
  • studying profilers
  • recommending and implementing of improvements

Automated testing:

  • using our bot scripting system
  • add additional cheats/primitives to the game code to increase coverage

Game metrics:

  • measuring and optimizing the User Experience

What we need from you:

  • Please fill out the Personal Information section
  • A cover letter which clarifies what position you would like to adopt at Chimera Entertainment
  • Your detailed CV

Your Requirements:

  • You should be passionate about games, whether they are computer, video, mobile, board, role-playing or otherwise
  • A self-directed and reliable working style
  • A highly motivated, flexible team worker
  • Good language skills in German or English

What we offer:

You will be part of an experienced, international and flexible team of about 60 people. As a successful and ambitious company with a sustainable and transparent leadership style, all of our employees work with dedication and a team-first attitude. Working on state-of-the-art projects with high-profile partners, this will be your opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge within the games industry in a professional and friendly atmosphere.


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