You want to get to know the people behind the rcp developer family? In our “Just joined” section we’ll introduce our newest family members.

Today you’ll meet Mina, Marketing and Communications Intern at remote control productions.

Who are you?

My name is Mina and I’m originally from NORTH RHINE-WESTPHALIA (sorry, I just love the sound of that. Imagine a very angry German shouting it, please). I’ve been living in Bavaria for roughly two years now.

What did you do before joining remote control productions?

I got my degree in Game Development in Heidelberg, where I was later abducted to Bavaria. My parents still cry about the loss of their child to enemy territory.

How was your first week at the office?

It was great! All my colleagues are super nice and funny and I’m having a blast. Super excited to get to learn from so many people with so much experience in the industry.

What did you particularly like in your first week?

My chair is so comfy, holy shit.
In earnest, though, I love that I don’t feel like I’m being treated like an intern. I get to do actual work.