You want to get to know the people behind the rcp developer family? In our “Just joined” section we’ll introduce our newest family members.

Today you’ll meet MARKUS, Communications Director at remote control productions.

Who are you?

Servus, I’m Markus. Originally from Munich, I spent the last decade living abroad in New York, San Francisco and London… and now I’m happy to be back in my hometown.

What did you do before joining remote control productions?

I’ve been working in the video games industry for almost 20 years, starting my career as Product Manager at periphals publisher Saitek, before becoming PR Manager at Activision Germany. From there I moved on to Take 2 Interactive where I became Head of PR of their German division before moving to the US to become the International PR Director of the then newly-founded label 2K and spent the next decade in charge of their global communications. When I don’t play videogames I spend most of my spare time with my family and outdoors, particularly in the mountains.

How was your first week at the office?

I loved it! Having worked abroad for such a long time it was refreshing for me to work in a German office once again. I knew a few people from previous jobs, and was warmly welcomed by everybody. My first week was largely spent getting a grip of the various tech, systems and processes being used here which was a lot of fun as they’re a lot more advanced than what I used to work with at previous jobs.

What did you particularly like in your first week?

From the first day I noticed the “family feeling” – everybody is friendly and helpful, no matter whether they work at rcp, Chimera or Wolpertinger here in Munich, or in one of the other studios of the rcp developer family in Germany or Austria. Oh, and working in an office that has both a fancy coffee maker that can handle all kinds of coffee styles as well as a steady (and free) supply of all kinds of beverages is a huge bonus, too!