stillalive studios

stillalive studios is an internationally respected team of about 35 talented developers, focused on technically ambitious simulation, management, and strategy games.

Founded in 2010 in Innsbruck, the growing team has created owned IPs like Drone Swarm and Rescue HQ, as well as works on franchises like Bus Simulator. Five years ago, the studio released the Kickstarter backed action-adventure Son of Nor. stillalive studios is equally embracing gameplay and technological challenges, developing with Unity and Unreal Engine.

Do you want to join an international and motivated team? Would you like to work with lots of different departments and disciplines right here with us in our cool office in the middle of the Alps, or even from home?
Then we might have the perfect fit for you!

Character Profile

Are you good at sticking to the plan? Do you know what to do when things do not necessarily go as smoothly as they should?
We are looking for competent producers who can manage full project cycles, keeping within scope, time, and budget. You will be good at creating plans, backup plans, and on-the-spot plans!
You understand how to create powerful and effective goals that will drive a team forward with your leadership. You are comfortable with communicating with high-level stakeholders and can translate their feedback into meaningful tasks for team members.  You will be actively seeking out risks and finding ways to mitigate them.  Most of all, you will have a burning passion for games!
What character traits make you a great stillalive producer:

  • Strong-willed
  • Well Organized
  • Good learning agility
  • Expert communicator
  • Professional timekeeper
  • Open-minded
  • Intuitive problem solver

The kind of stuff you’ll be doing:

  • Lead a team through a full game development cycle (agile)
  • Collaborate with the Game Director and turn the goals into concrete next steps
  • Create project roadmaps and milestone plans
  • Manage all project resources, including staff time and allocation
  • Organize, create, maintain project backlogs
  • Liaise with key stakeholders regularly
  • Manage and facilitate project feedback from stakeholders
  • Manage and maintain project budgets
  • Work on awesome core games for many platforms
  • Work closely with a competent and enthusiastic team of game-devs

Who we’re looking for:

  • You have a good understanding of project development
  • You have a positive attitude and can get the best results from a team
  • Actively raise ideas/solutions to prevent/solve problems in-game production, to improve working processes, methods of management, coordination between teams (inside and outside the Studio), as well as studio organization in general
  • Keep high demand in terms of quality of work delivered by the teams and check carefully the builds on time to ensure that they match stillalive quality standards
  • You have high stakeholder management skills, understanding the varying needs and conflicts of all stakeholders in a project
  • Coordinate the team wisely and pro-actively, to ensure smooth implementation of the assigned projects
  • Know team members' strengths and weaknesses, and assign goals and responsibilities to the right persons, allowing them to shine
  • Be able to manage project finances, keeping within financial targets and constraints
  • You are well familiar with Agile methodologies like Scrum/Kanban and have successfully conducted multiple projects already
  • You are a clear and confident communicator and facilitate the information flow within the team, knowing how to best communicate with different personalities using English
  • You can scan horizons, foreseeing potential risks and challenges, and mitigate them before they happen

Nice to have:

  • You have professional work experience in the games industry
  • You participated in at least one complete game development cycle
  • You speak German
  • You have a solid understanding of game development

If this sounds like you, please fill out the application form.

We’re always happy to receive applications from motivated folks and are looking forward to you!

Additional Note: This is a full-time position that is available right away!
Legal Note (req. by Austrian Law): In case of employment you’d be categorized as “Allgemeine Tätigkeit” of the “IT Kollektivvertrag” (Verhandlungsbasis).

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