remote control productions (rcp) is an independent production house focusing on the development, production, and mediation of games and gaming applications, representing Europe’s major developer family.  Since 2005 the Munich-based company has been supporting, financing, and coaching startups and development studios creating games. In addition, rcp is participating in projects in the areas of VR/AR, serious games, gamification, conferences, education/training, and lobbying.  rcp has partnered up with and become co-owners of multiple development studios. The ever-expanding family currently consists of 15 studios, a gamification unit, and a marketing boutique - with a wide range of expertise in games and entertainment products for all platforms. Thanks to a large network of national and international partners, rcp has established itself as a credible, efficient, and reliable production partner on more than 400 projects from mobile AAA to core PC and console titles to players across 6 continents. These include Bus Simulator 21, Angry Birds Evolution, Das Boot, Ostwind, Sacred Legends, Knights of Valour, Pet Hotel, and Sons of Nor.

As a Trainee in Project & Studio Management at rcp you are automatically a part of our Padawan Crew. You will experience the process of founding a game development company, financing the first projects, and creating a name for the company towards long-term growth and sustaining the business. You will delve into different departments, project management, and corporate strategy in game development, and learn how to evaluate and drive a company as a whole.

So don’t hesitate, become a trainee at rcp and join our padawan* guild    *A Padawan, also known as a Padawan learner, Padawan apprentice, Jedi apprentice, or apprentice, was the stage of Jedi training where a Force-sensitive of the Jedi Order trained under a Jedi Knight or Master.” 
Let's start with why...

Why you should join the Padawans? 

  • Learn aaaaaaalot of new things and explore different areas within rcp
  • Get coaching on various topics at our Padawan Breakfast twice a month 
  • Be part of Padawans’ book club 
  • Get a holistic view of our biz (biz side, content, social, emotional)
  • Support the core of our business
  • Become a Jedi Knight of the games industry
  • For example: train to become a partner of an rcp family studio in the future (other growth plans possible too ;))

Focus on the following topic(s): 

  • Policy/Politics
  • Legal 
  • Investment
  • HR & Recruitment 
  • Creative Production/ Game Design

How does it work? 

  • You will work on different topics of the above-mentioned ones, according to your skills, wishes, and personal fit. 
  • Traineeship for 12-24 months

What do you need to join the rcp Padawans?

  • Speak German and English
  • An open mindset and ready to learn new skills 
  • Live in or close to Munich
  • Work well independently, remotely, as well as in a team environment
  • A proactive, professional, positive business attitude

Get a deeper view of:

  • Ourselves as professionals (self-discovery/development)
  • The company we are working in
  • The industry we are working in
  • Create principles out of the learnings for the whole company

Timing & Recruiting process:

  • Assessment Center in Munich will take place in mid-March (please note that we ask you to prepare a little homework for this :))

What we offer:

  • A trainee program with a duration of 12-24 months - depending on your qualifications and experience
  • The salary is structured in steps: starts with € 2100,- and increases per semester up to  € 2700,- at the end
  • Up to 60€ for a monthly MVV ticket (public transport)
  • Become a member of the rcp family, with over 450 coworkers in studios from around the world
  • Join the Padawans Guild, our in-house development program for future leaders: We’re reading and discussing management books, working on high-level company projects, having discussions about the company and the games industry with our CEO  
  • The possibility to challenge the status quo in how we work and implement the changes
  • Friendly nerds and helpful colleagues that are interested in your professional and personal development
  • A creative, casual, and international workplace right in the heart of Munich
  • Regular team events (off- & online like Oktoberfest, Movie / Poker night, Zoom & Wine, etc.) & happenings
  • A well-stocked library with books, games, and game consoles
  • Free snacks, coffee, drinks, and fruits in the office as well as professional health coaching with a Sports Scientist & Medical Training Therapist (OLAO HEALTH) - digital and live

Interested? Great, may the force be with you!

Please submit your CV and Motivational Letter here: