You want to get to know the people behind the rcp developer family? In our "Just joined" section we'll introduce our newest family members.

Today you'll meet Andreas, Junior programmer at stillalive studios.

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Who are you?

Hi! My name's Andreas. The last few years I've been living in Linz, but originally I'm from a small village in the heart of Upper Austria, Ampflwang.

What did you do before joining stillalive studios?

Well, I didn't have any experience in the game industry before, not counting the occasional patch I submitted for mods. This doesn't mean that I've started without any previous knowledge though, as I managed to get quite some coding experience as part of my physics research at University, where I spent one year as a scientist after finishing my PhD.

How was your first week at the office?

The first week was awesome! Everything started with a barbecue in order to get to know each other, and also during regular work my colleagues were pretty good in helping me join the team and to get to find my way through the existing codebase.

What did you particularly like in your first week?

The best experience was actually my first task, which was chosen in such a way, that it allowed me to be productive right from the beginning, while still learning how the project I was working on was set up. It was a great learning experience.

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